Why Park of Innovation Technologies is Gaining Pace ?

Special economic zone “Park of innovative technologies” near Almaty has made a significant breakthrough in its development in recent years.

Kazakhstan News

The active construction of new facilities on its territory is an encouraging fact. This is a clear sign that the business believes in the state’s intention to develop and introduce innovations.

According to general director of SEZ PIT Nurlan Kopbosynov, convenient location of the park – half an hour drive from the largest city of the country, which has a powerful intellectual potential, gives great promise. Those who have innovative ideas or developments can safely come here to implement their plans in reality.

If, before 2006, there were 28 companies, today their number increased to 167, – he said. – This breakthrough has been achieved thanks to the personal attention of President Nursultan Nazarbayev who is the chairman of the board of trustees, the tools of state support, in particular innovation grants and the state program of business -incubation.

The Park has also two manufacturing modules for innovative production and this year they have been loaded at 100%. According to Kopbosynov, the work goes on schedule; new productions are launched and there are a lot of interesting projects in SEZ. Thus a subsidiary of the JSC “Kazakhtelecom” is building a modern center for information technologies’ management. The Oil and Gas Institute, KBTU, International University of Information Technologies launched the construction of their facilities.

– One domestic firm is ready to transfer their business on the manufacturing of fiber line from Singapore to our park and such global company like LG also intends to place their production there, – said director of the park.

Although PIT operates as a special economic zone, where the companies are exempt from the corporate and property taxes, they pay the individual corporate tax, social security tax and VAT. In 2012 alone KZT 800 million of taxes was paid to the budget. And since its establishment the state budget has already received from the residents of the park more than 2 billion tenge of taxes and other obligatory payments.

The shareholders of the first national technology park study the experience of similar international projects. One of the immediate tasks is the creation of design bureaus to promote and implement engineering ideas and solutions in specific models and prototypes.

As known, the state allocated on a competitive basis the innovation grants for these purposes. By the way, last year the engineers who won a similar grant and installed off-line energy-efficient lighting equipment in its territory, now plan to commercialize this invention.

The SEZ has concluded a memorandum of cooperation with all national technical universities in Almaty. The main objective is to find ideas among students and young scientists. Their projects are discussed at special seminars. The students have an incentive and real opportunity to embody their ideas. Thus, only in 2012 three innovative applications came from the International Institute of Information Technologies.

As known, even the most brilliant start-up project requires initial capital. And one of the main goals of the PIT is to facilitate obtaining of supportive tools for these projects. These resources are provided by the NATR, Fund “Damu” and Fund of science.

The upcoming exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana is one of the main priorities of the SEZ, which by its nature must be at the forefront of “green” technologies. The construction of the second phase of the Park is planned for the near future, and according to designers’ idea these buildings will have the elements of “smart home” and “green” technologies. Another good piece of news is that the village Alatau will soon be supplied with gas, which in turn will significantly reduce energy costs for producers.

It is expected that a new bill, developed by RK MINT on the status of SEZ PIT will provide its rapid development. It should be noted that this project has a great social impact, including the creation of new jobs for local residents. Last year, about 100 citizens, mostly young people were employed there with an average salary of about 100 thousand tenge. It is planned that the park will open about 12,000 new jobs.

To support domestic producer

Today the work of any modern industry is unthinkable without the use of IT. The branches “responsible” for communications, telecommunications and the Internet provide information security; therefore it is important for any country to have its own production in this area. According to Nurlan Zhanibekov, director of the company ELTEXALAU, involved in the development and production of telecommunication devices (more than 60 items in total), in quality and price domestic products are not inferior to European and Chinese analogues, and even higher in many parameters.

– Unfortunately, support of domestic producers is often narrowed down to the organization of presentations, exhibitions, and summary reports. But it must be daily work on the study of procurement plans of national companies, analysis of entrepreneurs’ proposals on cooperation, the number of contracts signed with them, and the products purchased abroad – said the businessman. – If we set the task to raise domestic production, it is necessary to take firmer actions.

For example, in South Korea, from where he returned a few days ago, the mechanism of state support to promote domestic producers actually works. There they provide the loading of companies with orders, attraction of investments and consumers. And this policy is supported by every official in this country. -I wonder, what prevents our national companies from showing patriotism and buying domestic products? – He asked rhetorically.

Preserving traditions

The scientific community in the Alatau village was formed on the base of the Institute of Nuclear Physics. According to its Deputy Director for Research and Methodology, Professor Nasurlla Burtebayev, this institution, established over fifty years ago and its intellectual potential played a significant role in creating a special culture environment in this town.

There is still that scientific atmosphere and aura, for which the town has always been famous, – said the scientist. – And the Park’s creation breathed a new life into it and filled it with a new content. Therefore, it is advisable to keep for the village the status of science city.

Today the Institute of Nuclear Physics employs about 300 scientists and soon campuses and dormitories of the leading technical universities will “settle” there. The preservation of traditions and continuity between generations is a fine example for the new residents of the village.

N. Burtebayev quoted a remarkable fact. It turns out that according to statistics, the health and lifetime of its population are higher than the average figures for Almaty city. He believes this is the result of high level of culture and atmosphere that prevails in the village, created by the intellectual environment.

The life in the village at the foot of snow-white peaks of Alatau has got a second wind. The energy of young people and their intellectual potential are the components of any success.

Source:- http://kazworld.info/?p=29495

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